OWASP Odessa cyber-security meetup
At 19:00 on Wednesday, September 5th, Odessa OWASP Chapter will gather to discuss technical aspects of software hacking, and - more importantly - to meet people interested in cyber-security.

This meet up will feature following talks:
1 - "Shooting yourself in both feet with object deserialisation" by Taras Sharkadi
2 - "Hacking and protecting user sessions in web applications" by Vladimir Garbuz
3 - "Security tools for developers" by Kirill Gotsman

This event is targeted at software developers and those interested in cyber-security.
After the meetup, there will be an after-party for you to meet people working in cyber-sec or likeminded engineers, so don't make other plans!

Tickets are available - https://owaspodessa-september-2018.ticketforevent.com/

P.S. OWASP meetups are non-profit cyber-security events, with all ticket revenue spent on events organization and conducting following meetups.
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